Delicious, Hand Crafted Cakes

Some of our Cakes

  • Lemon Drizzle
  • Cherry Bottom Almond
  • Bakewell Tart
  • Sticky Gingerbread
  • Flapjacks:- Plain/white chocolate & cherry/ multiseed/apricot slice/mattie´s energy bar
  • The Glyndwr - A fine Welsh almond fruit cake
  • Rich Fruit - A traditional rich fruit bursting with flavour
  • Tropical - A lovely almond fruit cake filled to bursting with the addition of diced papaya, pineapple, stem ginger, cherries
  • Sponges - Victoria, Chocolate & Coffee

About Temptations

TEMPTATIONS was born out of a desire for people to be able to buy first-class, traditional cakes at a reasonable charge, to offer an alternative to the bland, additive-laden commercial cakes on offer. Our hand-crafted Cakes are baked with butter and local, proper free-range eggs.

We bake freshly each week; any tiny stock of cakes we may have simply “go”, either at our regular market visits, or to individuals calling up at the farmhouse eager to buy.

Our handmade cakes contain only ever fresh butter and local, free-range eggs in them.  We have never contemplated using butter substitute such as margarine;  better to eat a well made, delicious TEMPTATIONS cake once a week than second rate commercial produce every day – my philosophy.    Butter is a natural product, margarine is anything but that.

The free range eggs we buy are from hens who roam in fields, freely, throughout the day before being shut up in a large barn at night – safe from predatory animals.

Special dietary requirements such as Gluton Free, Dairy Free & No Added Sugar, can all be accommodated. I usually have a small selection of Gluten Free Cakes with me.